Poor Clubhouse Suffers Another Meteorologically-induced Trauma

After the flood-induced damage in July last year, our clubhouse took another battering during the torrential rainstorm that started last Wednesday night (soon after we had finished our Challenge match with Adur PC). This time, as well as rain pouring down the steps overpowering the drains, sewage welled up to a considerable height within the clubhouse causing major contamination throughout which makes it out of bounds until further notice.

P1040939After all the hard work in getting the clubhouse back into shape last year, this year’s troubles are all the more upsetting.

BHPC demands that the government take immediate steps to halt global warming NOW!

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Club Challenge Matches vs Adur PC and Herts Select

Last week saw heightened activity on the Club Challenge front. In the return away match with Adur PC on Wednesday, we played two rounds, winning the first 3-2, but losing the second 2-3. So the match was tied 5 games all. The main thing is that everyone enjoyed themselves, the weather was warm and still (until the torrential storm later in the night – see the next post) and it’s always fun to play by floodlights when it’s dark.

On Saturday we were pleased to welcome our friends from Herts Select for our annual encounter in bright, warm weather. They had 16 players and we had a bumper crop of 22, which tested David A’s renown team-formation skills. Herts had five doubles and two triples teams while we had seven triples team, one with a fourth alternate. We won 6-1 in each of the three rounds of games: all in the usual excellent spirit.



Martin Evans, their captain, said: “There seemed to be a lot of good players on view and a good deal of excellent play, and we noticed that we even attracted an audience! All in all, we had a great day out which all or our team (and the assorted WAGS!) thoroughly enjoyed.”

The results in both matches were: Continue reading

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Mann/Mitchell Win BHPC Open Doubles on a Glorious (sic) Summer’s Day

All the maximum of 24 teams – including ones from Wales, the Isle of Wight and London – turned out yesterday, in the worst weather seen at any competition held by the club in living memory. Driving rain and strong wind lasting from morn till mid-afternoon tested players’ skills, good humour and endurance to the limit. Teeth were gnashed, and cloths to ‘dry’ and remove sticky grit from boules were continually wrung. None of this, however, disturbed continuous play, proving once and for all that the English are quite mad.

The top 16 teams from six morning leagues went into the Main competition with the remaining 8 into the Plate, each having a separate Consolage competition for the losers in the first round. Of the ten contestants coming from the club – Pat Connolly and Janice Doherty, Jill Gebbett and David Miller, Alan Issler and Joe Simmonds-Issler, Ian Maynard and David Alfred, Tony Mann (and Jeff Mitchell, Crowborough), Gareth Jarvis (and Rachid Hannache, London) – all but Jill and David got into the Main. The latter wisely chose to forgo the opportunity to get even more soaked playing in the Plate.

Only Alan, Joe, Tony and Gareth survived the Main round of 16. By way of consolation, Ian and David went on to win the three rounds of the Main Consolage to win that competition (thus coming 9th overall): quite respectable. Meanwhile, father and son duo, Alan and Joe won their quarter-final to reach the semi-final, their final destination (thus 3rd/4th overall): a very creditable achievement.

All eyes were now on Tony and Jeff who got all the way to the final where they met the strong Southern Counties team of Graham Elcome and Stephen Daykin, and won 13-3.

2015 BHPC Open Doubles Finalists (L) Stephen Daykin, Graham Elcome,  (Winners) Jeff Mitchell, Tony Mann

2015 BHPC Open Doubles Finalists
(L) Stephen Daykin, Graham Elcome,
(Winners) Jeff Mitchell, Tony Mann

This was the second major success for Tony and Jeff in two weeks after their winning the inaugural Sussex Pétanque (SXP) Over-50s championship. It was also Tony’s second successive BHPC Open Doubles title which he won with Gareth last year. Some record! So hearty congratulations to Tony and Jeff.

Record crowd watches BHPC Open Doubles final

Record crowd watches BHPC Open Doubles final

On behalf of Pat Connolly, BHPC President, Ian writes: “The Brighton Open was a success thanks to the teamwork of a number of non-playing members who ventured out into the driving wind and rain to ensure the smooth running of the event.

Continue reading

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Tony Mann SXP Shooting Champion – Again

The 2015 Sussex Pétanque Shooting Championship was completed yesterday at the Sussex Triples Championship, where eleven more players entered the fray after the first ten at the Doubles Championship with the early leaders being Andy Croft (Crowborough SC), 20 points and Jeff Mitchell (Goldsmith PC), 16 points.

After the first ten players yesterday no-one had beaten Andy or Jeff’s scores. Then Tony, the last player to take part, presented himself. On 16 points Tony scored 5 points with his penultimate shot at the jack, bringing his final total to 21 points. Thus narrowly beating Andy’ score, Tony became the SXP Shooting Champion – for the second year running. A fine achievement, Mr T!

SXP Shooting Championship 2015 (L) Andy Croft and Tony Mann (Champion)

SXP Shooting Championship 2015
(L) Andy Croft and Tony Mann (Champion)

Both Tony and Andy will represent SXP at the Shooting Champion of Champions Championship to be held over the weekend of October 10/11 at Oxshott PC in Surrey.

Congratulations to Tony and Andy and well done to all 21 Sussex players who took part.

With two more SXP championships to go, club members’ achievements so far this year are:

Doubles Champions: Gareth/Tony

Triples Champions:   David A/Gareth/Stephan

Over-50s Champions:  Jeff/Tony

Shooting Champion:   Tony

Not bad!

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Alfred/Alfred/Jarvis SXP Triples Champions – Again

Seven teams turned out on a lovely warm and sunny yesterday at Goldsmith PC’s terrain in Crowborough for Sussex Pétanque’s Triples Championship. The top two teams from two leagues of three and four teams would go straight into the Main semi-finals while the other three teams would battle it out for the Plate.

Both teams with our club members – David A, Stephan and Gareth (Alvis); Tony with Jeff Mitchell and Herbie Edwards (both Goldsmith PC) – were drawn in the league of 3 and both qualified for the Main with Alvis coming first. They then went on to win their respective semi-finals and so met again in the final. Unlike their morning game (13-1), this was a titanic struggle lasting over two hours in gruelling heat, David, Gareth and Stephan winning 13-10, thus becoming SXP Triples Champions. Well done, boys!

SXP Triples Champions 2015 (L) Stephan Alfred, David Alfred, Gareth Jarvis

SXP Triples Champions 2015
(L) Stephan Alfred, David Alfred, Gareth Jarvis

Alvis, current No. 1 seed in the SXP Inter-Regional Championship squad, also won this event two years ago. They and Tony’s team will represent Sussex Pétanque (SXP) in the inter-regional Champion of Champions Championship later in the year. Hearty congratulations and the best of luck to both teams.

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Mann/Mitchell Win Inaugural SXP Over-50s Championship

Last Sunday, windy, dull and sometimes showery, BHPC members made up more than 70% of entrants for the inaugural Sussex Pétanque (SXP) Over-50s Championship, “not bad for one club across a whole region!”

The nine teams present were divided into two leagues, the top two teams from each going straight into the Main semi-finals, while the remaining teams went into the Plate competition. In the final Tony and Goldsmith PC’s Jeff (who had beaten David A and Ian) won 13-8 against Goldsmith PC’s Alan Smith and Herbie Edwards (who had beaten Alan and Rohan). Congratulations and good luck to both teams who will now represent SXP at the new EPA Over-50s Champion of Champions Championship later in the year (not to be confused with the regular one-day EPA national Over-50s Championship) – ie, playing against their opposote numbers from the other 13 regions.

Sussex Petanque Over-50s Champions (L) Tony Mann and Jeff Mitchell (with Jeff's own new cider brand)

Sussex Petanque Over-50s Champions
(L) Tony Mann and Jeff Mitchell
(with Jeff’s own new cider brand)

David A and Ian won the play-off for third place, while Gaby and Terry won the Plate. Well done to them and to all who turned out on a not very nice day.

As important as the play, was the help received from all participating members in ensuring everything was ready for the smooth running of the tournament and tidied up at the end – this was greatly appreciated.

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Jarvis/Mann SXP Doubles Champions – Again

Of the ten teams (only) who turned out at Crowborough Social Club yesterday for Sussex Pétanque’s (SXP) annual Doubles Championship two were from our club: Gareth Jarvis and Tony Mann, David and Stephan Alfred (the usual suspects). Naturally, both were drawn in the same morning league of four teams while the other league consisted of six teams, all but the bottom team in each league qualifying for the Main rolling knockout competition (8 teams).

Both BHPC teams were drawn to play the first game in their morning league. After a titanic struggle lasting over 90 minutes, Gareth and Tony won 13-10 (holding off an exciting comeback by the Alfreds). Both teams got into the last eight. Whereas David and Stephan lost their quarter-final but went on to win their next two games to come 5th on the day, Gareth (on excellent shooting form all day) and Tony won both their quarter- and semi-final games to reach the final against the redoubtable Goldsmiths team, Jeff Mitchell and Herbie Edwards, to wit

(L) Gareth, Tony, Herbie, Jeff

(L) Gareth, Tony, Herbie, Jeff                                                       (Mid-game photocall by our intrepid official photographer)

From 11-6 (as in the picture) Gareth and Tony went on to win what was another hard-fought game game 13-9, and so become SXP doubles champions for the second time since 2012, a noteworthy achievement. Heartiest congratulations, boys!

Tony Mann and Gareth Jarvis SXP Doubles Champions 2015

Tony Mann and Gareth Jarvis
SXP Doubles Champions 2015

Good luck to both teams who will represent SXP at the Champions of Champions Championship in October.

Upcoming SXP championships are: Over-50s on July 12 at PST, Triples on July 19 at Crowborough, Mixed Doubles on August 16 at PST and Singles on September 6 at Hastings.

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