Open Events 2013

Following the great success of last year’s now well-established Open Doubles and the excellent take up of the more recently promoted Open Triples – both “By the Sea” – the club will again be putting on both events this year.

Register now to assure your place.  

The Open Doubles will be on Sunday 23 June: Open13Dbls

The Open Triples will be on Sunday 14 July: Open13TRPls

(Hopefully, the winter should be over by then.)


4 Responses to Open Events 2013

  1. ami sasportas says:

    We are cupel from israel can we join dubles.pleas give as an ansure
    Ami sasportas and sveta goihman

  2. I’ll do what I can.
    David Alfred, President

    • ami sasportas says:

      hi david
      please inform as if we still can play at 5\8\2012.
      we sent the money by paypal and we dont hav ansure .
      thany you
      ami sasportas & sveta goihman

  3. Yes, you’re registered but we don’t do Paypal. You can pay when you register.

    Look forward to seeing you on the 5th.

    David Alfred
    President, BHPC

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