Club Results 2013

Winter Singles League

1. David Alfred

2. Tony Mann

3. Rohan Bedford

Plate:            Jill Chrismas

Consolage: Mark Cherrie

‘Welcome’ Mêlée Doubles

1. Rohan Bedford/Mark Cherrie

2. Sam Marshall/Ian Maynard

3. David Alfred/Jill Gebbett

Plate: Gaby Channing/Ann Wordsworth

Moving Mêlée

1. Rohan Bedford

2. Ian Maynard

3. Ann Wordsworth

Club Doubles

1. David Alfred/Stephan Alfred

2. Janice Doherty/David Miller

3. Terry Gibbons/Ian Maynard

Women’s Doubles

1. Lisa Compton/Ann Wordsworth

2. Jill Gebbett/Ann Liebe

3. Janice Doherty/Nick Rowlands

Triples League

1. David Alfred/Pat Connolly/Tony Mann

2. Gaby Channing/Di Cherrie/Mark Cherrie

3. Rohan Bedford/Mike Jennings/Larry de Jonquieres/Ann Wordsworth

Club Singles

1. Ian Maynard

2. Ann Wordsworth

3. David Alfred

Club Triples

1. Terry Gibbons/Alan Issler/Joe Issler

2. Pat Connolly/Chris Vincent/Di Vincent

3. David Alfred/Stephan Alfred/Gareth Jarvis

Mixed Doubles

1. Jill Chrismas/Ian Maynard

2. Di Cherrie/Mark Cherrie

3. Jill Gebbett/David Miller

Charity Doubles

1. David Alfred/Gareth Jarvis

2. Terry Gibbons/Joe Issler

3. Chris Holden/Nick Rowlands

Mixed Doubles League

1. David Alfred/Janice Doherty

2. Jill Chrismas/Ian Maynard

3. Di Cherrie/Mark Cherrie

Player of the Year

1. David Alfred

2. Ian Maynard

3. Rohan Bedford

Woman Player of the Year

1.  Ann Wordsworth

2.  Di Cherrie, Jill Chrismas


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