Club Results 2012

Winter Singles League

1. Ian Maynard

2. David Alfred

3. Gareth Jarvis

Club Singles

1. Tony Mann

2. David Alfred

3. Ray Ager

Melee Doubles

1. Gareth Jarvis/Libby Knowles

2. Jill Gebbett/Ian Maynard

3. David Alfred/Jill Chrismas

Mixed Doubles

1. Gareth Jarvis/Katherine Jarvis

2. Libby Knowles/Tony Mann

3. David Alfred/Lisa Compton

Spring Doubles League

1. Gareth Jarvis/Tony Mann

2. David Alfred/Anthony Blythe

3. Jill Chrismas/Ian Maynard

Women’s Doubles

1. MargieHayward/Trish Taylor

2. Libby Knowles/Ann Wordsworth

3. Gaby Channing/Di Cherrie

Moving Melee

1. Larry de Jonquieres

2. Jill Chrismas

3. Steve Elliott

Club Doubles

1. David Alfred/Stephan Alfred

2. Pat Connolly/Janice Doherty

3. Rohan Bedford/Alan Issler

Charity Doubles

1. Harvey Knowles/Ann Wordsworth

2. Ian Maynard/Bob White

3. Jill Gebbett/David Miller

Club Triples

1. David Alfred/Stephan Alfred/Gareth Jarvis

2. Pat Connolly/Janice Doherty/Ian Maynard

3. David Miller/Jeff Taylor/Trish Taylor

Mixed Doubles League

1. Jill Chrismas/Ian Maynard

2. Janice Doherty/David Miller

3. David Alfred/Pat Connolly

Player of the Year

1. David Alfred

2. Ian Maynard

3. Gareth Jarvis

Woman Player of the Year (New)

1. Libby Knowles

2. Pat Connolly

3. Jill Chrismas


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