BHPC Membership Fee Policy

BHPC has adopted the fee policy explained below by Club Treasurer, Sheena Cox:

“So how safe and secure are you on the pétanque terrain? It can be a dangerous place: heavy metal boules being tossed around, stray boules lying in wait just behind you to step back on. Or, there is the opportunity to step off the edge of the path area and trip over. That’s without describing the potential dangers which await you in the clubhouse, with boiling water, heaters etc.

To a certain degree it’s no problem if you’re an EPA member (English Pétanque Association) – at least you’re insured. Should you be the person responsible for or the victim of any of these mishaps you would be able to make a claim. But if you’re NOT a member of the EPA a claim could bankrupt you … or leave you without any recompense.

Most sports clubs affiliated to a national body ensure all their members are protected by registering them with the national body through their membership fee. Many pétanque clubs in our local area do ensure this is the case. It’s something we’ve been remiss about in the club, partly under the misunderstanding that having the whole of the committee as members would be sufficient. IT IS NOT. It will only protect the Committee as individual players or in their actions on behalf of the Club.

I propose that from the beginning of the next membership year we adopt a procedure which makes all our members EPA registered. That will ensure that we as a Club are fully covered and all our members protected.

What are the advantages to you, the individual club member?

  • It will provide insurance cover for you when playing pétanque on our terrain or when visiting other clubs. PEACE of MIND.
  • It will give you the opportunity to join in EPA events and represent the Club, region or country. Wouldn’t it be great to see more of our membership playing with other clubs in the region and taking their games to a higher level?
  • It gives the opportunity to receive coaching – as EPA-qualified coaches are covered only when dealing with EPA members.
  • It will make the EPA a stronger body and therefore make pétanque better represented.”

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