Inaugural Challenge Match vs Thames Valley

On Saturday our club was pleased to host yet another team for a friendly Challenge match. Thames Valley brought down 15 players plus assorted WAGS for a whole weekend that turned out warm and sunny (except for Sunday morning). Many of their players were from Thames Valley’s regional championship squad whom some of our SXP championship squad players knew from our Division 2 days.

Although we lost 5 games to 10 (2-3, 1-4 and 2-3 in three rounds, including three games lost to 12 points), everyone enjoyed the friendly rivalry in the searing heat, and there was a lot of very good pétanque.

One very sad note: at lunchtime some people saw the Hawker Hunter jet pass over, fairly quietly, just minutes before its deadly crash on and next to the A27 by Shoreham airport – dominating the news for the next two days.

The full results of how our teams performed are:

Nick, Terry, Tony/Gareth          12-13      6-13      13-6

Alan P, Janice, Rohan                 13-4       7-13       12-13

Julie, Harvey/Jill G, Stephan    9-13      5-13        8-13

Lisa/Gill, David A, Chris H       13-7       7-13       12-13

Di V, Jill C, David M                   6-13     13-8        13-12             best-performimg team

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