Club Challenge Matches vs Adur PC and Herts Select

Last week saw heightened activity on the Club Challenge front. In the return away match with Adur PC on Wednesday, we played two rounds, winning the first 3-2, but losing the second 2-3. So the match was tied 5 games all. The main thing is that everyone enjoyed themselves, the weather was warm and still (until the torrential storm later in the night – see the next post) and it’s always fun to play by floodlights when it’s dark.

On Saturday we were pleased to welcome our friends from Herts Select for our annual encounter in bright, warm weather. They had 16 players and we had a bumper crop of 22, which tested David A’s renown team-formation skills. Herts had five doubles and two triples teams while we had seven triples team, one with a fourth alternate. We won 6-1 in each of the three rounds of games: all in the usual excellent spirit.



Martin Evans, their captain, said: “There seemed to be a lot of good players on view and a good deal of excellent play, and we noticed that we even attracted an audience! All in all, we had a great day out which all or our team (and the assorted WAGS!) thoroughly enjoyed.”

The results in both matches were:


Chris H/Ann/Alan I        5-13         13-6

David A/Pat                     13-1         3-13

David M/JillG                 13-10       13-8

Harvey/Terry                  13-6         12-13

Rohan/JillC                      8-13         12-13

3-2         2-3  


Jill G/Julie/Rohan                                  13-0         13-8         13-9

Jill C/Bill/Ian                                            13-3         13-2         13-1

Lisa/Eddie/David A                                  3-13         13-2        13-4

Pat/Terry/David M                                   13-5         13-8         4-13

Florian/Pauline/Charmian/Janice         13-5         13-1         13-4

Di V/Mike/Harvey                                    13-8         12-13       13-6

AlanP/Chris V/Alan I                                13-5         13-9         13-12

6-1          6-1            6-1



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