Tony Mann SXP Shooting Champion – Again

The 2015 Sussex Pétanque Shooting Championship was completed yesterday at the Sussex Triples Championship, where eleven more players entered the fray after the first ten at the Doubles Championship with the early leaders being Andy Croft (Crowborough SC), 20 points and Jeff Mitchell (Goldsmith PC), 16 points.

After the first ten players yesterday no-one had beaten Andy or Jeff’s scores. Then Tony, the last player to take part, presented himself. On 16 points Tony scored 5 points with his penultimate shot at the jack, bringing his final total to 21 points. Thus narrowly beating Andy’ score, Tony became the SXP Shooting Champion – for the second year running. A fine achievement, Mr T!

SXP Shooting Championship 2015 (L) Andy Croft and Tony Mann (Champion)

SXP Shooting Championship 2015
(L) Andy Croft and Tony Mann (Champion)

Both Tony and Andy will represent SXP at the Shooting Champion of Champions Championship to be held over the weekend of October 10/11 at Oxshott PC in Surrey.

Congratulations to Tony and Andy and well done to all 21 Sussex players who took part.

With two more SXP championships to go, club members’ achievements so far this year are:

Doubles Champions: Gareth/Tony

Triples Champions:   David A/Gareth/Stephan

Over-50s Champions:  Jeff/Tony

Shooting Champion:   Tony

Not bad!

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