BHPC Wins Challenge Match vs Adur PC

It was a lovely summer’s evening on Wednesday last when 24 players from the two clubs turned out on our home terrain to play the first of our annual two-header challenge matches against our friends from Adur PC.


As usual, we played two rounds of games (BHPC teams on the left):

Round 1                                                                                       Round 2

Ann/Harvey                  13 – 1     Sue/Dave                              8 – 13    Bren/Jeff

Jill C/Ian                       13 – 2     Bren/Jeff                              13 – 0     Sue/Dave

Pat/Lisa/David A         13 – 2     Hazel/Brian/Vee               12 – 13   Barbara/Chris

Nick/Rohan/Chris H   13 – 9     Barbara/Chris                     13 – 1     Diane/Martin

Alan/Janice/David M  13 – 11    Diane/Martin                     13 – 0    Hazel/Brian/Vee

BHPC won 5-0 in round 1 and 3-2 in round 2, thus winning the match 8 games to 2. But it’s much more the keen but friendly competition than the actual result that makes this regular fixture so enjoyable.

(May our players please note that) we look forward to going over to Adur on Wednesday 12 August for the return match. 

Club members please note that we’ll also be again hosting Herts Select for another club challenge at 12.30 on Saturday 15 August. 

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