Sussex Petanque Qualifier Day 2

Sussex Pétanque’s second qualifying day took place on Sunday 17 May at Hastings. As on the first of the three qualifying days, there were 16 teams. BHPC members again present were Terry Gibbons, Alan Issler, Ian Maynard and Joe Simmonds-Isslerin as AJIT-TATED SEAGULLZZZ, David Alfred, Stephan Alfred and Gareth Jarvis as ALVIS and Tony Mann as part of CROWBRIGHT2.

After a gruelling day’s play in full sun, Ajit-Tated etc. improved their postion by coming eighth on the day and ninth overall (after two days play), thus knocking on the door of the championship squad. Crowbright2 came fifth on the day, but are still first overall. Alvis (again coming first in the morning leagues with 3 wins, +32 points) again came third on the day, so moving up to second place overall.

So well done our club members for another solid performance.

The third and last SXP qualifying day will take place on our terrain on Sunday 14 June.

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