Rabbit Shortage Hampers BHPC Progress in EuroCup

Playing in the third round of the EuroCup against Hartley PC – the biggest club in the EPA and based in an attractive sports complex a few miles south of Gravesend – was always going to be a big ask. As in the last round, we lost the first round of two triples games: Ian, Janice and Tony to 3, David A, Gareth and Stephan, clawing their way back from 0-7 in a long, tight game, eventually losing to 8. Would we make another sensational comeback in the second round of three doubles games?

Alas, with Gareth and Stephan and David and Tony both (surprisingly?) losing to 4 and 3 respectively, all eyes were on Ian and Janice to salvage something from an already lost match. However, despite great fighting spirit in another long, closely-fought game, they eventually succumbed 11-13. So, we lost the match 0-5.

Janice was overheard saying that Ian’s balls were warm. Let’s hope in next year’s EuroCup, all our balls are red hot.

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