BHPC Wins Challenge vs Herts Select

We just nipped in before the arrival of ex-hurricane Bertha to again play our good friends from (an assortment of clubs in) Herts. There were two rounds of play, each side fielding eight teams. Four of our teams – Chris H/Pat, David A/Julie, Rohan/Lisa, Janice/Chris V – won both their games; and four – Terry/Di V, Larry/Nick/Pauline, Bill/JillG, Alan P/Lynn (new member)/ David M – won one game.

So, winning each round by six games to two, BHPC won 12-4 overall. The result was all the more impressive considering some of our best players were missing, including Gareth and Tony playing for England in the Home Nations Championship in Mansfield this weekend.

(L) David M, Lisa, Di V, Terry, Julie, Chris H, Janice, Nick, Bill, Rohan, Pat, Jill G (just), David A, Alan P, Chris V, Larry (Pauline AWOL)

(L) David M, Lisa, Di V, Terry, Julie, Chris H, Janice, Nick, Bill, Rohan, Pat, Jill G (peekaboo), David A, Alan P,          Chris V, Larry  (Pauline and Lynn AWOL)

And here are all but two of the Herts Select players:


(L) Caroline, Trevor, Bob, Paul, Dave, Steve, David, Alex, John C, Martin (Captain), John P, Ben, Richard, Jan         (Ian, Graham AWOL)

Herts Select captain, Martin Ware writes

“Thanks to you and all your people for making us so welcome again.  We all thought it was a great day and a very friendly and enjoyable occasion, spoiled only by the result! 

For further background, Caroline now lives in Brighton and is a former member of your club but used to live in Ware and played for my then team at the Rifle Volunteer, though we now play at the Old Bulls Head which is a Grade 11 16th century coaching inn mentioned in Shakespeare with a beautiful garden and a rare 17th century Parliament clock.  Most of our squad from yesterday play there, though Ben and Ian play for a different team at the pub; Graham, Dave and Paul play for the Brown Bear at Braughing, another 16th century listed pub in a very historic village dating from Roman times; and John P and Richard pay for the Cottered pétanque club, in another village  north of Ware but playing in a different (ie, better!) league than the rest of us.”

We hope this enjoyable annual fixture will feature for many more years.

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