BHPC Boys Fannyfest

Inflicting a total of three fannies between them, both BHPC teams in yesterday’s Adur PC’s Bastille Day Doubles event won their respective three-game leagues (eight in all) to go into the eight-team Main draw. David A and Ian fannied two teams, including Adur’s top formation, to head the seeding of the 26 or so teams present, while Gareth and Tony achieved one fanny to come third in the seeding. Another Sussex team (Crowborough), Adam and Herbie also won their league to come fifth seed.

Alas, both David and Ian and Adam and Herbie lost their Main quarter-finals, thus entering the Main Consolage (four teams). Whereas, our BHPC boys lost their semi-final, Adam and Herbie won theirs and then the final to win the Main Consolage.

Gareth and Tony were our best-performing team, winning their Main quarter-final but then losing their semi to the very strong Jamiesons in a tight game. So, they were the third/fourth best team of the day. Very good result.

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