SXP Qualifier Day 3: Alfred-Alfred-Jarvis SXP No.1 Seeds

The last qualifying day to determine Sussex Pétanque’s Championship (top 8 teams) and Challenge Cup (next 4 teams) squads was held yesterday in Hastings.

SXP Qual3 15Jun14

The results for our club members were:

JCan (Alan I, Chris, Janice Nick) 13th on the day, so 10th overall and thus into the Challenge Cup squad.

Crowbrights (Alan C [Crowboro’], Ian, Tony) 6th on the day, so 4th overall.

Alvis (David A, Gareth, Stephan) 2nd on the day, so 1st overall.

With Crowbrights the top seeds (with Alvis in second place) last year and the year before, this means 5 club members have occupied the number 1 spot for three years in a row – a notable achievement.

SXP’s next competition is the Triples Championship in Crowborough on June 29. Alvis, the current champions, will not be competing this year. Watch this space hopefully for yet more news of club success.

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