Jarvis-Knowles Win Club Mixed Doubles

Eight teams turned out today for the first all-day competition of the year, the Mixed Doubles. After two leagues of four teams each, the top two teams from each vied for positions 1 to 4, the other two teams vying for positions 5 to 8, in both cases by playing a further two games.


In the final, Gareth Jarvis and Libby Knowles completed their full house of games on the day by overcoming Jill Chrismas and Ian Maynard (last year’s winners) 13-6.


In third position were David Alfred and Janice Doherty after a very close game, 13-11, against Jill Gebbett and David Miller.

Congratulations to Gareth and Libby, and well done to all the competitors, including (as pictured above) Ann and Rohan, Pat and Terry, Di and Mark, and Alan and Gaby.

Full details in the forthcoming newsletter due out after the Newark by-election. 

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