BHPC Success Again in Second SXP Qualifier

Sussex Pétanque (SXP) held its second qualifying day for squads selection at our terrain yesterday as the sun shone brightly on the hottest day of the year so far. (See our April 14 post.) Points are awarded to each team according to their position in each of the qualifying days, and are cumulated to give their overall seeding (as indicated below after two of the three days).


Since the first qualifier, four more BHPC members (Rohan Bedford, Norman Kanor, Julien Page, Ann Wordsworth) formed team Rojuno to join the other 9 club members already in the competition, bringing the total of adult teams to 16 plus the junior team.

All four BHPC teams (including Crowbright) did very well to make the cut (the top two teams from each of the four morning leagues) to the top-8 rolling knockout: Rojuno came 8th on the day and are in 13th position overall; JCan (Janice, Chris, Alan I, Nick) played well to come 7th on the day thus jumping from 10th to 7th position overall; although coming fifth, Crowbright (Alan Constable, Ian, Tony) are now in second place overall; Alvis (David A, Gareth, Stephan) – who had lost to JCan in the morning league but then beat them in the quarter-final – came first on the day and so are now in first place overall.

Well done to all our players, and good luck to them for the third and last qualifier  – to be held in Hastings on Sunday 15 June – which will determine the final seedings of all the teams.

Special thanks go to Gareth for setting up the terrain and to Ann for arranging club hospitality.

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