Purple People Eaters*

Today saw the annual Battle of the Sexes for which over half the total club membership turned out – 12 women and 14 men. After three gruelling, hard-fought rounds in broiling heat, the result was 11 games to 4 to the menfolk.


Following an afternoon of enjoyable pétanque, the new colour-cordinated gazebo was unveiled at out first barbecue of the year. Also unveiled were two new barbecues, one meat, one vegetarian. Together with our club strip, our new ‘sails’ made the occasion a royal flush.

Thanks go to Janice and Pat for basic provisions and salads, and to Tony for the pastis.

* The Purple People Eater, Sheb Wooley’s catchy US number 1 hit of 1958 (those were the days …)

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One Response to Purple People Eaters*

  1. Sounds like a great afternoon and what a posh gazebo! Sorry we couldn’t be there (and missed the Pastis! – many happy returns Tony!) T&J xx

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