Ray’s Visit and BHPC Presence at Petanque’s Birthplace

Ray’s flying visit to the terrain last Friday (Good) was marked by a mass turnout of club members and blessed by Mediterranean-type weather. The picture below was taken as the throng began to gather.


Ray says: “It was wonderful seeing everybody and playing again in Brighton – I’d love to be in both places at once!”

It was great to see you again too, Ray!

And here’s Milou, secretary of Boulomanes club, wearing our club cap following Ray’s return to La Ciotat after visiting the club.

Milou BHPC

Notice the beautiful plane trees, typical of the Midi, and the size of that terrain!

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2 Responses to Ray’s Visit and BHPC Presence at Petanque’s Birthplace

  1. Raymond Ager says:

    It really was wonderful to be back and to see so many club players. I was very impressed by the club strip – full marks! Milou – who is a GREAT character! – loved the cap. NB That’s only one half of the Boulomanes terrain, the other half was behind me. NBB The plane trees were given a severe pruning last year and have not yet grown back – they are a feature of most terrains, essential to provide shade from the fierce sun. Very Best Wishes, Ray.

  2. Pat Connolly says:

    Sorry to have missed you Ray but pleased there was a good turnout and fine weather – all your good work in the past was not in vain. As you must have seen, the Club is thriving and long may it do so. I hope you make another visit when I will definitely make sure I am around. Envy you all that lovely sunshine in France. Enjoy the summer.

    Kind regards


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