BHPC History Group Asks “Did Noah Play Petanque?”

After the torrential downpour on Sunday, one can quite understand the ancient rumours that Noah was the first person in recorded history to try his hand at pétanque and all the animals had three boules each for their doubles games.

Notwithstanding this peculiar historical byway, a record total of ten club members participated in the Adur Spring Triples Open: two ‘pure’ teams, Ann/Chris/Nick and Alan I/Joe/Terry, and two ‘mongrel’ teams, Gareth/Jeff (Crowborough)/Tony and David A/Herbie (Crowborough)/Ian.

The 20 teams present were split into 5 leagues, with the top 8 teams qualifying for the Main, the next best 8 for the Consolage, and the bottom 4 for the wooden spoon. The good news was that our two mongrel teams qualified for the Main, and our two pure teams qualified for the Consolage. The bad news is that all these teams lost their first game (quarter-final) and so their day ended, returning home in the – yes, you guessed it – bright warm sunshine.

Despite the prevailing wetness, everyone seemed to have quite a good time (such is the blind love that pétanque inspires).

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