Mann-Maynard Win Worthing Charity Doubles

We salute our members, Tony Mann and Ian Maynard who, on a sunny Sunday 16 March, won the Charity Doubles organised by Worthing PC, with 30 teams participating.


(L) Ian, Derek Coates, Tony

With some fortune in avoiding the ‘League of Death’, Ian and Tony topped their league (eight altogether) winning to 7, 7 and 7 (bye) and so qualified as one of the top eight teams for the Gold competition. They then went on to win their quarter- and semi-final (again cunningly twice avoiding strong teams). The final was a close game up to 8-8. In the next end Ian pointed a good boule which the opponents failed to shoot out or cover. Our golden boys then pointed in to take 5 points (Tony high-lobbing in 3 of them) to win the game with a bang.

Tony writes: “What was good about our play is that we kept our concentration and energy levels high throughout the day as having a bye and often waiting some time to start our next match due to other longer-running games can affect concentration. We were fortunate with the draw but you still have to beat the teams put in front of you and we did just that.”

£350 went to the charity, St Barnabas hospice, selected by Worthing PC.

This is not Tony and Ian’s first major success together. With Alan Constable (Crowborough SC), they also won our club’s competitive Open Triples in July 2012, and have been the top-seeded team in Sussex Pétanque’s Inter-regional Championship squad for the last two years.

Congratulations, boys!

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