New Profile: Ann Wordsworth. Plus Latest Singles League Results

BHPC wishes everyone a Happy New Year.

The latest winter Singles League results are now posted.

We’re delighted to add to our <Profiles> that of Ann Wordsworth, our new club President.

How long have you lived in Brighton/Hove? About 18 years. Initially I lived near the Cricket Ground but moved here about 16 years ago.


When and why did you join the club? Did you play pétanque before? Originally just before I retired I joined the bowls club on Kingsway, but didn’t play very often.  Then having walked past the pétanque terrain quite often at the weekend I liked the look of it and all of you, and decided I wanted to join and turned up on a ‘Come and Try Day’ by chance.

How do you like pétanque? Far more tactical than bowls, which is played more formally. I like the fact that in pétanque you chose who makes the shot according to the run of the game.

Can you tell us something about your career? I was initially an Admin Officer for about two years and then an Executive Officer in the Ministry of Defence for about 20 years working mostly in HR/Admin and in IT in Bicester in Oxfordshire. I retired for medical reasons and after about a year doing the occasional temporary job, I moved here. I then had a couple of part-time jobs for about 3 years in Brighton and Hove, and then joined Brighton and Hove City Council in an admin job in HR, where I stayed for 6 years until I finally retired.

Can you tell us something about your family? I do not have any children, but am very close to my brother’s three sons who currently all live locally, and spent a good Christmas with them.

What are your other interests? I have recently joined the Rock Choir (with Nick Rowlands).  I just wish I could sing, and wish also I could remember the words.  Other than that I enjoy it a lot.  Singing makes you feel so good.

I also do machine embroidery, designing and making bags, cushion covers, pictures, etc.  At the moment I am machining a version of Monet’s Water Lilies to make as a picture: currently it has the addition of goldfish but no water lilies!

I am also doing family research and like most researchers have come up against a brick wall at the moment.  However I have found out a lot of interesting stuff about my maternal grandfather that I don’t think my mother knew. I have also proved conclusively that I am not descended from William Wordsworth (didn’t think I was). In fact my 3 times great-grandfather, who was about four years younger than him, was a cattle dealer and milk seller near Scarborough, and probably illiterate.

And I love cats.

Can you tell us something that (most) Club members don’t already know about yourself. The reason I retired from the MOD is that I had a type of brain tumour – an acoustic neuroma which is a tumour on the acoustic nerve and the reason I don’t hear you if you stand on my right hand side.  It took me about five years to really recover and balance is still a problem. I can topple over when standing still and before anyone makes the obvious comment – even when sober.

What are your plans for the club as Club President? As ex-Membership Sec I want to try to recruit more members this year. That will be a constant topic at EC meetings and hopefully the committee can come up with some ideas. This is something where members could also help us.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell the club? No – isn’t that enough!

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