Bombshell: BHPC Exits EuroCup

Yesterday, sadly, our team lost by 3 games to 2 to Royal (not Prince) Albert PC.

After the first round the teams were drawn at one game each: David, Gareth and Stephan won 13-5, while Ian, Janice and Tony lost 7-13.

In the second round, during which there was a huge downpour, two matches were played initially. Gareth and Tony won 13-3, including some “amazing” pointing by Tony. However, though leading up to the last end, David and Stephan disappointingly lost 12-13. Had the result been otherwise, the match would have been won and so there would have been no need for Ian and Janice to play. As it was they did, but, despite putting in a very doughty effort, lost 9-13.

Thus BHPC failed to get to the fourth round (of the last 16 clubs) which they succeeded in doing last year and the year before. An inquest will be held in due course.

Royal Albert PC – Alex, Dean, Lisa, Mark, Paul and Wayne – were excellent hosts and as friendly, cheerful and teetotal as ever. We wish them, our Sussex Pétanque colleagues, every success in the next round.

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