Gibbons-Issler-Issler Win Club Triples

Although only 4 teams turned out, the tournament was as enjoyable and keenly fought as the weather was fine. The format was a league (to establish seeding), followed by two further rounds (semi-final, final and 3rd/4th place playoff).

In one semi-final the fourth-seeded team of Pat Connolly and Chris and Di Vincent defeated the first-seeded team of David and Stephan Alfred and Gareth Jarvis in a long and very close game. In the other semi-final the second-seeded team of Terry Gibbons and Alan and Joe Issler defeated the third-seeded of team of Rohan Bedford, David Miller and Ann Wordsworth.

Congratulations to Terry, Alan and Joe (a new force in the land) who won the final 13-6 against Pat, Chris and Di (another new force in the land). David, Stephan and Gareth beat Ann, David M and Rohan 13-6 for third place.

Club Triples Winners (L) Joe, Terry, Alan

Club Triples Winners
(L) Joe, Terry, Alan

Full details in the forthcoming newsletter.

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