Final of La Marseillaise Now Showing

… starring the phenomenal tireur, Dylan Rocher.

You can catch up later. Alas, not a classic, but still full of interest. Watch out what happens in the last end!

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2 Responses to Final of La Marseillaise Now Showing

  1. Raymond Ager says:

    Firstly, many thanks for the post on our performance in La Marseillaise, much appreciated.

    On the final – whilst not wanting to take anything away from the great shooting by Dylan Rocher, I though the pointing by Robineau was sensational. Brilliantly accurate high-lobs that barely moved on landing. It’s fairly easy to lob a boule really high and make it stop dead on landing – BUT it’s VERY, VERY difficult to accurately land the boule exactly where you want it to go. Robineau did this with incredible pin-point accuracy and consistently throughout the competition. Amazing performance.

  2. Raymond Ager says:

    PS Just a comment on the tactics in the last end. The shooter had missed twice and the team had a really touch decision: defend as best as possible and hope the opponents don’t score. But against such a strong team, where Rocher had barely missed a shot and pointers who win virtually every point, they realised they would probably lose, hence the decision to shoot the jack. And they so nearly suceeded! Had they been successful, I’m sure everybody would have congratulated them, rather than criticising their tactics.

    In our 3rd round match, Michel our shooter shot the jack 6 times to save lost ends. Unfortunately we didn’t win the match but we did get to play another 6 ends – right or wrong tactics? Difficult call but I think a classic case of, ”If it works, it’s the right shot” 🙂

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