Alfred-Alfred Win Club Doubles

As an awkward number of nine teams turned out for this event, it was decided the format would be a 6-round snake with one team having a bye in each round. With detailed results still pouring in, we can announce for now the winners were the current title holders, David and Stephan Alfred, winning all five games they played (plus a bye). Runners-up were Janice Doherty and David Miller, with Terry Gibbons and Ian Maynard in third place, both teams winning four games (plus a bye).

"Men in Black"  David and Stephan

“Men in Black”
David and Stephan Alfred

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5 Responses to Alfred-Alfred Win Club Doubles

  1. congratulations to the Men in Black on their win!
    and also to Ian for the smooth running of the day.

  2. Men in Black say “Thank you”, and congratulate Ian for doing so well as the club’s new Competitions Secretary.

  3. pat says:

    Well done David and Stephen, and runners-up Janice, David, Terry and Ian. It was a nice day for it! Pat and Eddie (Kehoe)

  4. ami sasportas says:

    Ami sasportas

  5. Thanks. It’s good to know our club has an international fan base.

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