BHPC Demands Immediate End to Antipetanque Weather

BHPC issued a Press Release at 12.00 GMT today:

“Never mind the Leveson debate tomorrow, the government’s overriding concern should be the terrible weather making it impossible for BHPC members to play pétanque. It is not only impeding the completion of our Winter Singles League and preventing the crucial practice some of our leading players need if they are to compete successfully in a number of major tournaments coming up in the next few weeks, but is also generally to the detriment of the physical and mental health of all our members. BHPC therefore demands that the government put high pressure on the relevant meteorological authorities to take firm action to bring about with immediate effect weather more suitable to the playing of this great game of ours.”

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4 Responses to BHPC Demands Immediate End to Antipetanque Weather

  1. Tony says:

    There is no such thing as “terrible weather” only innapropriate clothing!
    Two matches were successfully played in the Winter SIngles League this afternoon in some very bracing weather that completed the Main League. Five members in total turned up though only 3 of them actually threw some boule!

  2. Such indomitable spirit!

  3. Comp Sec says:

    The final league standings will follow early this week. Well done to all who played. It is good to know two league have been completed.

  4. Sheena Cox says:

    Hi Everyone, I agree whole heartedly. Missing the exercise, company, views of the sea and general well being that an afternoon at the piste gives me. Sheena

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