EuroCup Result: One Game Away from Last Four Clubs in England

On a very cold and wet day in the Hampshire-Surrey borderlands, our intrepid EuroCup squad played two other clubs (the fourth club having pulled out at the last minute) for the honour of reaching the finals, but, alas, failed to win just one vital game that would have taken our club there. 

Squad captain, David Alfred, commented straight after the contest: “We started off  brilliantly by winning three of the four triples games. This put us in pole position. But I’m afraid to say we won only two of our six doubles games, both of them thanks to our Mixed team, Ian and Janice – a great achievement. Neither Gareth and Tony nor Stephan and I managed to win a single game; we weren’t playing as well as we could have and often do. I’d like to thank Pat and Terry very much for joining the squad. Although circumstances were such that they didn’t get a game, their presence really helped to keep up our morale. So, overall, the result was a bit of a let-down, but it doesn’t affect one jot or tittle our determination to have another crack next year, and try even harder to jump that final hurdle.”

The final result was that our club beat Compton PC 3-2 (winning both triples and one doubles), but lost to the eventual winners, Ship Inn 2-3 (winning one triples and one doubles: just one game short).

Thus ends our journey in the EuroCup for Clubs that began last September. The club travelled further this year than ever before, so our squad members deserve much praise for all their efforts. What’s that that Arnold Schwarzenegger said?

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3 Responses to EuroCup Result: One Game Away from Last Four Clubs in England

  1. Raymond Ager says:

    Hi, That’s a great achievement, so, so close. Well to the whole squad, those who played and those who helped with vital support.

  2. Barbara Randall says:

    Well done, Brighton, on doing so well. Just one more game and you’d have been in the last four? Well you really did come close! You’ll do so much better next year given how you’ve built up your skill this year.
    Well done again from me!

  3. Congratulations to the whole squad on such a close result and well done also to players and supporters for braving such awful weather!

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