BHPC Again Reaches Last 16 of EuroCup for Clubs

For the second year in a row, BHPC beat an Isle of Wight team, away, in the third round tie to reach the last 16 of the EuroCup. This is to the credit of the club and of Sussex Pétanque, as well of the players themselves.

Keeping to the same squad as in the first two rounds – see previous posts on this page – we won one of the two triples games (David, Gareth, Stephan 13-10) and two of the three doubles games (Gareth and Tony 13-5, David and Stephan 13-4) to win the match 3-2.

Although we lost the mixed triples and the mixed doubles, the morale of the whole squad was very high before, during and after the match. We salute our players, and wish them (with possibly one or two changes) good fortune in their Round 4 matches on 20 January next.

The next newsletter, out soon, will include details of this match as well as the first ever analysis of the implications for pétanque of the Leveson Report.

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2 Responses to BHPC Again Reaches Last 16 of EuroCup for Clubs

  1. Pat Connolly says:

    Well done squad – seems that 3-2 is our destiny with the I.O.W .


  2. Tony says:

    ** STOP PRESS **
    Due to Arreton Barns fielding a non-EPA registered player they forfeit the games in which this player featured which results in a 4-1 win to Brighton & Hove PC.

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