Exciting New Winter Singles League Format

This year we are trying out a new format for this competition. There will be two stages: Qualifying divisions and Final leagues.

In the Qualifying stage, there are three divisions, as listed below. Each player is to play all the others in their division (7 matches) by 21 January 2013. All matches played will count, even if someone plays only one game and drops out for any reason. Games in the Qualifying stage will only count for deciding players’ placements in the Final stage leagues. (These leagues will start with a clean sheet.)

In the Final stage, the top three players from each of the three Qualifying divisions will go into the Main league; the fourth-, fifth- and sixth-placed finishers will go into the Plate league, and the remaining players will go into the Consolage league. These games are to be played between the end of January and March.

Trophies will be awarded to the top three players of the Main league and to the winners of the Plate and Consolage leagues.

As usual, 1 point for a loss, 3 for a win.

Please email all results to Ian: CompSecBHPC@gmail.com

Qualifying Divisions
Red Blue Green
Bill Cooper Chris Vincent Alan Issler
Larry de Jonquieres David Alfred Ann Wordsworth
Lisa Compton David Miller Di Cherrie
Mike White Ian Maynard Gareth Jarvis
Pat Connolly Jeff Taylor Jill Chrismas
Rohan Bedford Jill Gebbett Margie Hayward
Sheena Cox Marcus Hayward Terry Gibbons
Tony Mann Mark Cherrie Trish Taylor

Good luck, all!

You can check all the results from the ‘Results’ tab on the toolbar.

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One Response to Exciting New Winter Singles League Format

  1. Tony says:

    Looking forward to the new style Singles League and well done Ian for organising and setting it up.

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