Club Elects New President and Executive Committee

At yesterday’s AGM, the club elected a new Executive Committee.

Terry Gibbons succeeds David Alfred as President, while Ian Maynard succeeds Ann Wordsworth as Competitions Secretary. Pat Connolly, Sheena Cox and Ann Wordsworth remain as Secretary, Treasurer and Membership Secretary, respectively. Alan Issler joins Gareth Jarvis and Nick Rowlands as EC members.

(L to R) Alan Issler, Ann Wordsworth, Nick Rowlands,
Terry Gibbons (President), Pat Connolly (Secretary)
Sheena Cox (Treasurer), Ian Maynard.

We wish them all the best during the next twelve months.

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3 Responses to Club Elects New President and Executive Committee

  1. A-Laff says:

    For the BHPC Nude Management Committee calendar I propose as follows :-
    Miss January – Ann holding 3 strategically placed BHPC Membership cards
    Mr February – Terry with one of the club’s trophies (the smallest will suffice)
    Miss March – Sheena with only the BHPC cheque book and pen
    Miss April – Pat with just the Minutes of the AGM
    Mr May – Alan with 2 boules and a jack
    Miss June – Nick with the club’s new Constitution
    Mr July – Ian with a tape measure and a pair of calipers
    For the rest of the year I propose former committee members :- Olive, David, Ray and Janice in suitable shots for August, September, October and November and for December a group shot of the new committee in Alfrescos with only party hats and christmas crackers
    Those in favour………….

  2. ami sasportas says:

    Oll the best to you
    Ami sasportas israel

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