Alfred-Alfred-Jarvis Win Club Triples

A select group of five teams turned out on a warm and sunny Sunday 9 September for the last day competition of the season. After a round robin of four games, three teams won three games. These teams were David A, Stephan and Gareth (SXP squad No. 2 team) who just pipped Ian, Janice and Pat on points difference to win the competition, with David M, Jeff and Trish coming third.

Details in the next newsletter which should be coming out in the week of 17 September in time for the party conferences.

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2 Responses to Alfred-Alfred-Jarvis Win Club Triples

  1. ami sasportas says:

    Hapy rosh hashna
    Best regard to oll club
    Ami and sveta

  2. David Alfred says:

    And a Happy New Year to you. Hope you enjoyed the Games. Best wishes. David A

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