Who wears the shorts in your team?

Some interesting points from a French blog for teams to consider: who’s in charge in your team?

A simple question but as ever, there are a few things to think over.

The most obvious choice is:

  • Does everybody consult together and agree a team decision? or
  • Does one person makes the decisions?

Will this differ if?

  • It’s early in the end and everybody has boules to play.
  • Only one player has boules left to play.

In the latter case, is it better to let that player decide on how to play or should it still be a team decision? What should the player do they feel unhappy or not confident about following the team decision?

Without naming names, there was a notable case in France in 2011 where the pointer, a former French and World Champion, pointed a couple of ‘mediocre’ points and then asked his shooter to shoot the opponents’ holding boule. The shooter would NOT take the shot! He clearly thought this was the wrong tactical decision and an ‘animated’ discussion followed 🙂

There aren’t really any ”Right and Wrong” answers to the above points but they are the sorts of things that established teams should discuss and agree on how they are going to play.

Responses, please 🙂


Ray Ager

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