”I can’t play – I’ve lost my voice”

Le noble jeu provençalLe noble jeu provençal by Yvan Audouard is a great collection of stories and anecdotes about Le Jeu Provençal from which pétanque is derived. The book is beautifully illustrated and perfectly captures the spirit and essence of how boules is played in Provence. The author dedicates the book to his friend Françis de Vallauris and starts with a story of how one day his friend refused to play with him – why?

He refused because ”I’ve lost my voice and wouldn’t take any pleasure from playing together”. A tall story? Maybe but it illustrates something really important about the game:

”It’s a team game and you need to talk to your team.”

If you look at The Dream Team, Philippe Quintais, Pointer, Philippe Suchaud, Shooter and Henry Lacroix, Middle, you can see how well they work together as a team.

The Dream Team, recently disbanded, won virtually every single pétanque title and are recognised as the most successful team of all time.

For me personally, the thing I enjoy most about playing is playing well together as a team. The worst thing is playing in a team where nobody talks to each other…

If you watch the top teams, they always:

  • Stand together at the jack
  • Consult with one another about what shot to play
  • Support and encourage each other

What is your Dream Team?

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