We win first round of the Euro Cup for Clubs, 30 October

Playing away against Crowborough Social Club with occasional drizzle, David A, Ian, Janice, Ray, Stephan and Tony won 3-2 to qualify for Round 2 of this EPA national competition to find the best team in England to go forward to the European finals.

STOP PRESS: We have just been notified that we have a bye in the second round, so we’ll be playing away to an Isle of Wight team in Round 3 sometime in December or January.

Our first-round match was against Crowborough SC. In the first round, Janice, Ian and Tony won 13-5 (having been 0-5 down) while David A, Stephan and Ray won 13-9. So 2 up, looking good.

However, in the second round Janice and Ray lost 2-13, Ian and Tony lost 10-13 and David and Stephan won 13- 6. So we just won 3-2: whew! Very well done, squad.

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