Club Triples, 25 September

Congratulations to Ray, Ian and Anthony Blythe, for winning this competition. Anthony has only recently joined our club and is under 35, indeed under 25. In fact, he’s still only in his early teens and clearly has a great future in the game ahead of him. Well done, Anthony.

Five teams subscribed to this, our last one-day competition of the season. We should remember that triples is the classic format of the game.

The competition system was a round robin (where each team plays all the others). The odd number of teams meant there was a bye in each of five rounds of play.

The teams were: Ann/Rohan/Steve;  David A/ Stephan/David R;  Di/Mark/Gaby; Pat/Bob/David M;  Ray/Ian/Anthony.

Neither team having lost any of their previous games, the contest between Ray, Ian and our new and youngest member, Anthony Blythe, and this year’s Sussex Pétanque’s second- seeded team of David A, Stephan and David R would decide the winners.

After Ray & Co got off to a storming lead of 10-0, David A & Co fought back to 11-9. However, in the last end Anthony, who was the shooter, scored the two winning points, a great semi-sautée shot of over 9m followed by nudging a front boule towards the jack: 13-9.

So, congratulations to Ray, Ian and Anthony who clearly has a very bright future in the game. He is a credit to the club and we wish him every success.

David A, Stephan and David R came second, and Ann, Rohan and Steve came third. Well done them and all who took part in the competition.

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4 Responses to Club Triples, 25 September


    Well done Anthony you obviously learnt to play well on your Holidays in France. Your friends who have played with you in France are very proud of what you have achieved

  2. Anthony played brilliantly and Ian and myself really enjoyed playing with such a talented player. It was the first time the three of us had played together and Anthony was an excellent team player.

    My only regret – not starting at 15 myself!



    I just wish I lived a bit closer and could join your club and play more often. I am sure Anthony has a lot to offer to the club and will be a great asset

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