Inter-Regional Championships

Good luck to the four teams from our club included in the 8-team Main and 4-team Challenge Trophy squads representing the Sussex Petanque (SXP) region in the IRC this coming weekend.

They are SHADD, David and Stephan Alfred and David Randall (Main 2), 2P&aY, Terry Gibbons, Alan Issler and Tony Mann (Main 4), The M&Ms, Marcus and Margie Hayward, Martin Gordon and Trevor Allen (Challenge 1), J.O.B., Di and Mark Cherrie and Gaby Channing (Challenge 3).

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2 Responses to Inter-Regional Championships

  1. Good luck everybody, will be thinking of you.

    Fingers crossed for the weather!

    Best wishes,

    Ray Ager

  2. Barbara Randall says:

    Yes, good luck to all our teams. I’ll be thinking of you.


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