Boules played in error

Here’s an interesting question on the interpretation of the rules, from a posting on the French site,

Your team is holding the point but you play in error, not having verified who was holding. The opponents say the boule just played isn’t holding and you play again, until you’re out of boules.

Only then do you go and measure, only to find out that your first boule was on, the opponents should have played and you’ve played 5 boules in error.

  • What is the official ruling?
  • Should the opponents have played instead of you?
  • What happens to the 5 boules you’ve played in error?
  • Would you say the opponents were ‘unsporting’?

You can find the latest official rules on the EPA website – see our Links page.

Ray Ager

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2 Responses to Boules played in error

  1. Dave Smith says:

    The way I see it, you shouldn’t rely on what your opponents say… check to see if you are holding yourself. It is up to the team that are throwing and not the opponents to work out whether they hold shot or not,

    In the example, there is no point in measuring afterwards as it is assumed (by throwing all of your boules) that you have already accepted that one of your opponents boule is the closest to the jack… am I close?

  2. Keith Vines says:

    I played a game at Corydon PC, where the opponents ask if they were holding we said yes, and they carried on pointing after 3 Boules we confirm again that they where hold, too which they said good and point their last two boules. We shoot their holding boule and won the game.



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