Pointing and Shooting Competition, August 20

Over 20 club members rose to the testing challenge of the EPA Skills Award. As usual, Ray was MC. After he explained the rules, members paired off to do the various exercises at various distances.

The pictures below show the winners of the pointing and shooting sections. The overall winner, The Most Skilful Player, was Rohan. Especially for one who joined the club so recently, this is a fine achievement: “the boy done good”. In second place was Chris, who also made a very high score. Felicitations to both of them, to Ian who won the highly specialised discipline of throwing the jack (the proper French word being but (pronounced somewhere between ‘boot’ and the island of Bute), bouchon, petit or cochonnet please, not coche) and to all the other winners.

Best Pointers: (L) Pat Connolly, Rohan Bedford, Nick Rowlands

Best Shooters: (L) Ray Ager, Chris Holden, Rohan Bedford

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One Response to Pointing and Shooting Competition, August 20

  1. Chris Holden says:

    Nick Pat and Rohan were the best *shooters* – my shooting was terrible, and I was amazed to out-point Ray in the play-off. Can you please change the captions? Thanks, Chris

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