Herts Select PC Challenge, August 13

As last year, 11 of our friends from Herts came down to meet 15 of  us (plus Lisa and Peter who played for Herts Select) on a bright if breezy day. There was time for the five teams on each side (all ours were mixed) to play three rounds.

2nd L Martin Ware, President Herts Select PC

The result was that we won 14 games out of 15. This may well be due to a general improvement in the club’s standard as well as home advantage.

Club Doubles, July 31

Thirteen teams turned out for this event, five more than last year. The eight best teams (seeded) for the Main competition were decided by the morning’s play in three groups. The other five teams went into the Plate competition.

The Main competition was a rolling knock-out. The top-placed teams were Andrew and David Randall (3 wins, +22), Ray and Gareth (3 wins, +21), David and Stephan Alfred (3 wins, +16) and Ian and Jill C (2 wins, +17).

As last year, the final saw the Randalls battling with the Alfreds, but this time, winning 13-7, the victors were Andrew and David. Gareth and Ray came third.

Congratulations to Andrew and David, and well done to all who participated including the Plate winners, Julien and Norman.

2011 Club Doubles winners: David Randall (L) and Andrew Randall

Spring Doubles League

Somewhat belatedly, the results of this competition were announced at the Club Doubles. Ten teams were involved. (Let there be more next year.)

The final placings were:

1st: Terry Gibbons and Tony Mann with 27 points by winning all 9 games with a points difference of + 67.

2nd: David and Stephan Alfred with 25 points, winning 8 games, +61.

3rd: Ian Maynard and Jill Chrismas with 23 points, winning 7 games, +43.

Congratulations to Terry and Tony whose names are already inscribed on a brand new cup for the competition very kindly donated by Terry’s management at Gatwick airport.

2011 Spring Doubles League winners: Tony Mann (L) and Terry Gibbons

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