Bastille Day Doubles at Crowborough, July 17

Despite the poor weather forecast which came to reality with showers, some heavy, all day long, ten teams turned out at this event, including two teams from BHPC, Marcus and Margie Hayward (MM: who are also members in Crowborough) and David and Stephan Alfred (DS).

The format was a rolling knockout with the top 8 teams in the afternoon being seeded according to results in the two morning groups of 4 and 6 teams. The result of the morning’s play was that David and Stephan came first, having won all their three games, while Marcus and Margie came last (as they did by the end of the day). Coming fifth were the fancied team of Jeff and Herbie (part of the old Welcome Stranger, now Jame, team who came first in the seeding for the Sussex Petanque squad).

In the afternoon, after winning their first game, David and Stephan met Jeff and Herbie in the semi-final. After trailing 0-7*, DS clawed their way back to lead 11-8. At 11-12 the opposition were holding a good point to win. David had in hand the last boule of the end. The perenniel question, “Point or shoot?” pressed acutely. DS decided to point and, beating the opposition’s, won the end (a full account in technicolour is available on request) – 12-12. In the last end Jeff missed three shots on David’s opening point which stayed throughout the end for a 13-12 win for DS. A game to remember.

In the final DS met Chris and Hilary from Handcross, who quickly established a lead of 0-10. After due grit, David and Stephan fought back to win 13-11, thus winning the competition. 

* There is an old Provençal expression, Sept a gi, gagne a gi (spelling uncertain) which means seven nothing wins nothing. I have witnessed the truth of this a number of times (and other times when the curse is inoperative) of which this is a classic instance.    

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2 Responses to Bastille Day Doubles at Crowborough, July 17

  1. Ray Ager says:

    Well done guys, great win and a good report. Commiserations to the losers 😦



  2. Barbara Randall says:

    Well done to David and Stephan. A well deserved win! My commiserations also to Marcus and Margie.

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