Adur PC Challenge Match, home, June 14

BHPC v Adur 2011

Tony Mann writes:

The first of our two challenge matches against Adur PC (Lancing) took place on a lovely warm and still evening at the Peace Statue terrain. Our friends from Adur brought along 12 of their members and we had 17. Pat Connolly welcomed our visitors with a great spread of wine, juice, water and various nibbles which were appreciated by all. Tony Mann was the competition organiser.

Adur formed 6 doubles teams and BHPC formed 5 triples and 1 doubles team so that everyone present played two games each. Our team of Ray, Gareth, Clifford got us off to a great start with a convincing 13-0 win. Slowly, four of the other games finished with Adur winning 3 games to our 1. The final game of Round 1 to finish was Pat, Terry and David against John and Norman which Adur eventually won 13-12 in a very tight match.

This meant, after Round 1, Adur were on 4 wins and BHPC on 2 wins. However the point’s difference was equal with both teams scoring 59 points each so all to play for in the second round.  

The first round results were:

BHPC                                                                                  Adur PC

Marcus H/Margie H               6-13           Brian/Hazel

Pat C/Terry G/David M         12-13          John/Norman

Ray A/Gareth J/Clifford C      13-0           David/Sue

Pat K/Eddie K/Jill C              8-13           Pam/Malcolm

Alan P/Steve E/Jill G            7-13           Veronica/Barbara Fi

Tony M/Norman K/Lisa C      13-7           Chris/Barbara Fr

As the second round began, Ray, Gareth, Clifford once again got us off to a great start with a 13-3 win. Over the two games this team only conceded a total of 3 points! Other results started to come in and it appeared that the tide had turned and BHPC were winning the majority of them. Well done to Adur’s Sue and Dave having been fannied in the first round they were the only Adur winners in the second round. 

At the end of Round 2, BHPC had 5 wins scoring 72 points and Adur 1 win scoring 44 points. The second round results were: 

BHPC                                                                                Adur PC

Marcus H/Margie H                13-5         Chris/Barbara Fr

Pat C/Terry G/David M           13-6         Veronica/Barbara Fi

Ray A/Gareth J/Clifford C        13-3        Pam/Malcolm

Pat K/Eddie K/Jill C                7-13        David/Sue

Alan P/Steve E/Jill G              13-8         John/Norman

Tony M/Norman K/Lisa C        13-9          Brian/Hazel

Tony announced the scores from the second round, then the final results with BHPC winning 7 games scoring 131 points and Adur PC 5 games scoring 103 points. 

Tony dedicated BHPC’s win to the memory of Adur PC member, Peter Davey who sadly passed away last month. 

Thanks go out to Pat for organising such a fantastic welcoming spread, Terry and Steve for preparing the terrain and all the members who helped pack up at the end of a very enjoyable evening. Special thanks too for former club member (and who knows she may rejoin) Irene Franco for taking the squad pictures and for attempting to keep our Norman in order (not an easy task!).

The return match takes place at Adur PC in Lancing on Tuesday 23 August.


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