Who’s boules?

Who's boules?

Who's boules?

Sorry, not much on the TV so here’s another puzzle 🙂

Who is holding their boules, in the picture? All will be revealed… 

More picture clues will follow any wrong guesses!

Picture Club N° 2

Boules clue 2

Boules clue 2

Keeping watching this post…

OK, David was correct – here’s the original pic:

Terry revealed

Terry revealed

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5 Responses to Who’s boules?

  1. David Alfred says:

    I thought I recognized those hands but couldn’t recall at first. Then, all of a sudden in a blazing flash, it came to me: Jeanne. I hereby donate any prize to the Petanque Players Benevolent Fund.

  2. David Alfred says:

    Hmm. I guess I shall just have to review the situation taking all factors into account…

  3. David Alfred says:


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