Pétanque Puzzle

Le penseur Rodin

Le penseur Rodin

Here is a puzzle who’s solution has defied many of the best brains in the club – can you solve it…?

The problem is: you have 3 matches taking place, Match 1, Match 2 and – yes, you’ve guessed it – Match 3. No that wasn’t the solution…

If the Winners of Match 1 play the Winners of Match 2 and the Losers play the Losers, who do the Winners of Match 3 play?

It’s a difficult one but the answer is on this website…

Prize if:

  • You know where the answer is on the site
  • You know the answer

P.S No, it’s not a belated April Fool.

Triples trophy

Triples trophy

Where do you think Rodin got his inspiration from?

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3 Responses to Pétanque Puzzle

  1. Dave Smith says:

    Winners of match 3 play the losers of match 3.

  2. Dave Smith says:

    I can’t find the answer on the net so I’m going to have another guess…

    Winner of Match 3 play the losers of Match 1. Match 2 losers play the losers of Match 3.

    Is it a lateral thinking puzzle?

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