Les pieds dans le rond!

Les pieds dans le rond!

Les pieds dans le rond!

If you read David Alfred’s excellent Lexique page on this website, you’ll know that Les pieds dans le rond! means ”feet inside the circle”. Some players have a habit of having a foot – or two! – outside the circle and this is what you’ll hear players say.

The club has a supply of plastic circles, which we mainly use for competitions. Plastic circles offer many advantages:

  • they avoid confusion over which circle to play from
  • they make the game much more friendly to spectators
  • much easier to see if a foot is over the edge
  • no more disputes over the size of the circle – these are all regulation 50cm diameter
  • no need to erase any circles – just pick it up and take it with you!
  • no more broken finger nails from drawing circles on the terrain
We especially encourage teams to use them for finals and any ‘showcase’ events – they really do help spectators follow the game. Spectators often say: they can’t see where the circle is, they can’t tell which boules belong to which team and they can’t tell which team the players are on, players taking too long, etc.
For the larger, televised events, the French have really transformed the game:

  • plastic circles
  • teams in matching strip
  • one team uses silver boules, the other uses black
  • dead boule line clearly marked in colour
  • large countdown clock and a strictly enforced ”one minute rule”
La Marseillaise

La Marseillaise

Give the circles a try – you might like them!

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10 Responses to Les pieds dans le rond!

  1. Dave Smith says:

    I much prefer to stand in a plastic circle but some teams didn’t like them and would say things like ‘they are not legal’. The only downside is that they can be kicked.

    So are you saying the French can watch petanque on TV? Why can’t we watch it over here?

    Dave S.

  2. Barbara Randall says:

    I think they’re a good idea except someone would have to remind me I’m standing in a plastic circle so that I don’t trip up while walking out of it, lol!

    BTW, are those David Alfred’s feet in the picture?

  3. Pat Connolly says:

    I think they are my feet (or someone wearing my plimsolls). Do I still get the prize if I am right!!!

    • Sorry Pat – they’re not your feet and I don’t think they’re your plimsolls!

      • Trish Taylor says:

        I’m not a fan of plastic circles as I somehow manage to make them skid off in all directions at the slightest touch! Though I agree it’s better for spectators.
        Are they your feet Ray?

      • David Alfred says:

        I see a great big boule. I see ‘crooked’ feet at that characteristic angle. I see the return of the Steve.

  4. Marcus Hayward says:

    Do I get the Prize if I saw the picture being taken? Oh well, Next time.
    They certainly look like big feet have they got big boules as well.!

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