Welcome Doubles

Terrain de Boules

Terrain de Boules

Our next club event is the Welcome Doubles, Sun 24th April at the Peace Statue Terrain.

This is a very popular event where we pair up newer or less experienced members with the more experienced club members to provide a bit more guidance and tuition in a friendly competition.

These are some of the things we try and emphasise:

Playing as a team

This is one of the most important things to learn to get the most from team games.

  • Agree team roles, pointing and shooting
  • Work together, evaluate the head, decide what shot to play and who is going to play
  • Support and encourage your team

Stand at the jack

The view from the circle is often deceptive. You should stand together as a team at the side of the jack for the following reasons:

  • you show that you are together as a team – not separate individuals
  • you can properly evaluate the head – normally you can’t from behind the circle
  • you have a ‘presence’ on the terrain – don’t just wait passively behind the circle, waiting for the opponents to tell you when you can play

Evaluate the head

If you stand at the jack, you will get a good view of the different boules, their relative positions and distance from the jack, plus any irregularities in the terrain.
You should discuss and agree with your team about what shot to play and who is going to play. Once you agree, support and encourage your partner.
What you shouldn’t do is just stand behind the circle and have each individual take it in turn to play.
Pétanque is a great tactical game – that’s what makes it so interesting. You need to engage in the game and follow the above guidelines to help get the most enjoyment from playing.
The competition is open to all club members – new members very welcome.

Have fun!
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One Response to Welcome Doubles

  1. Apologies, I should have included this before:

    Start time is 10am, registration 9.30.

    Please register in advance – it makes the comp organser’s life SO much easier, ditto if you would just like to play in the afternoon.

    If I’ve forgotten anything else, please let me know!



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