SXP Q1 at Crowborough, 10 April 2011

Terry, Alan & Tony

The opening round of the three Regional Qualifiers saw an all Brighton final: Terry, Alan & Tony vs David Randall, David & Stephan Alfred. A great result. Who won? Read-on to find out!

David Randall, David & Stephan Alfred

There were 2 Brighton teams – Shadd with David & Stephan Alfred and David Randall, 2P&aY with Terry Gibbons. Alan Issler & Tony Mann. However there were 2 other teams featuring Brighton club members Marcus & Margie Hayward (members of BHPC and Crowborough) along with Martin Gordon from Crowborough formed The M & Ms. BHPC’s Gaby Channing only went to Crowborough for a day out and did not bring any boules along as she wasn’t expecting to play but ended up forming a 12th team along with Dawn Constable from Crowborough and Mike Thomas from Hastings. Their team name was The Unwilling. Their inclusion enabled the competition organiser Tony Mann to have 3 leagues of 4 teams for the morning session. These were decided by a random draw.

Dawn Constable, Mike Thomas & Gaby

Dawn Constable, Mike Thomas & Gaby

2P&aY was drawn out first and their league also featured The Unwilling as well as 2 teams from Crowborough. The M & Ms were drawn in a league with 2 Hasting’s teams and 1 team from Crowborough. Lastly Shadd were drawn in the league of death with 3 strong and very experienced Hasting’s teams.

2P&aY got off to a perfect start with a 13-0 win. The Unwilling lost their opening game 9-13. The M & Ms won their opening game 13-10. Whilst Shadd won their opening game 13-9.

In the second round of games 2p&aY played The Unwilling and beat them 13-10. The M & Ms caused an upset beating Jeff Mitchell, Herbie Edwards and Alan Constable’s team (Jame) 13-10 and Shadd won again 13-7.

Martin, Margie & Marcus

Martin, Margie & Marcus

In the third and final round of the morning games 2P&aY won 13-4, The Unwilling lost 9-13, The M & Ms and Shadd both won by scores of 13-6.

2P&aY topped their league with 3 wins and a points difference of +25. The Unwilling finished 4th in their league with 0 wins and a points difference of only –11. The M & Ms topped their league with 3 wins and a points difference of +9. Shadd topped their league with 3 wins and a points difference of +17.

This meant the seedings for the afternoon competitions were 2P&aY 1st, Shadd 2nd, The M & Ms 3rd and The Unwilling 10th.

The Unwilling played in a 4 team Plate round-robin. Though they lost every game, Gaby pointed exceptionally well and her newly formed team mates spoke very highly of her.
With the other 3 Brighton teams seeded 1st, 2nd & 3rd this meant they all avoided each other in the opening round of the Main Seeded Rolling Knockout.

2P&aY played The Ticklers from Hastings and won 13-5. The M & Ms played The Black & Tans from Crowborough and won 13-4. Shadd played The BlackHorse from Hastings and won 13-8.

So all 3 Brighton teams in the Main would finish in the top 4 however Shadd played The M & Ms in the next round and won convincingly 13-0. Meanwhile 2P&aY played Jame and won a very tight match 13-10.

In the play-off for 3rd and 4th place The M & Ms played Jame for the second time that day but Jame got their revenge beating them 13-8.

So the final was an all Brighton affair between 2P&aY and Shadd. Shadd had qualified through the league of death in the morning which featured 4 strong and experienced teams whereas 2P&aY had a more comfortable league in the morning. Shadd’s route in the Main to the final saw them playing 2 of the newer and lesser experienced teams whereas 2P&aY’s route required them to beat 2 of the more stronger and experienced teams. The final though was a very one-sided affair which saw Shadd winning convincingly 13-1.

Overall it was a great display by the Brighton teams in the 1st Qualifying Round. Points are awarded according to the final positions and will be accumulated with the points awarded at the next 2 qualifying rounds.

Shadd finished 1st and got 24 points. 2P&aY finished 2nd and got 21 points. The M & Ms finished 4th and got 16 points. The Unwilling finished 12th but as they were a temporary team will not have any points awarded. However Gaby is hoping to form a team along with Brighton’s Di & Mark Cherrie for the next 2 rounds so watch this space.

Report by Tony Mann.

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2 Responses to SXP Q1 at Crowborough, 10 April 2011

  1. Although we only had 2 teams in the first round, what a great result, an all-Brighton final. Well done to the players, a brilliant result against the top teams in the Region.

    Ray Ager

  2. Trish says:

    Loved hearing how everyone got on – it sounds like a really good day!

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