Pétanque Special Centenary

Jess 102

Jess 102

Yesterday at the Club Singles competition, we had a visit from a very special lady, Jill Christmas’s mother Jess, who has just celebrated her 102nd birthday!

Pétanque Centenary

Pétanque Centenary

Back in 2007, the year of the Pétanque Centenary, Jill’s mother Jess was also 100 and we decided it was the perfect opportunity to make Jess an Honary club member.

Jess doesn’t play pétanque but she is a very sociable lady and enjoys a visit to the terrain with Jill where she loves to chat to the other members.

Yesterday was a lovely sunny day and Jess enjoyed the afternoon sun for a couple of hours.

Jill & Jess

Jill & Jess

We hope to see you again, soon.

Jill adds:

My mother, being a football fan was delighted when I took her to the new stadium at Falmer on her 102nd birthday. The staff made a great fuss of her and allsang “Happy Birthday” after which we were escorted to the viewing platform adorned in our hard hats and luminous jackets – what a special birthday!!  Jill Chrismas.

Jill & Jess at the Amex.

Jill & Jess at the Amex.

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