Brighton Summer Time (BST)

Pétanque Time

Pétanque Time

Now that Brighton Summer Time (BST) has arrived, just a reminder that this means:

  • Weekend afternoons now start at 2pm instead of 1pm
  • Wednesday evenings 6pm


By all means, come early if you wish for a warm-up and practice but please remember that we meet together for club activities at the agreed start time, 2pm.

When everybody joins in it makes for a great afternoon. When some don’t, this spoils it for the others, so please ”be a good club member” and join in with the everybody.


Everybody is welcome and encouraged to attend the Wednesday evening sessions. Whilst all are welcome, the focus is a bit more on League matches and allowing those who wish to, to play together as a team and practice individual and team skills.

The warmer summer evenings often seen lots of younger players at the terrain – it’s a good opportunity to invite them for a game and tell them about the club.


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One Response to Brighton Summer Time (BST)

  1. I was very pleased that everybody regrouped at the agreed start time on Saturday and included the waiting players. Too often in the past they’ve been excluded – the new website must be working 🙂

    Including everybody makes for a much better afternoon.

    Latecomers: if you really can’t make 2pm, ‘Etiquette’ is to ”help the losers” if they’re not too far into a game. If you do arrive after all games are in progress, you can usually join the losers after the initial games finish.

    Don’t be late 🙂



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