What’s the Score?

What’s the Score?

Another interesting discussion from the French forum Pétanque 710.

When playing in a ‘friendly’ game, why bother keeping score? Just play for fun!

Good point – no pun intended 🙂 – but as is discussed on the forum, the score can often influence or dictate the tactics of the game. For example, if the opponents have 12 points on the ground and play a boule that’s on the jack, you have got to beat that boule, either by shooting it or by pointing onto it. If you’re ”just playing for fun” then you can just point near the opponent’s boule – it doesn’t really matter what you do if the score doesn’t matter.

The subject was raised on Pétanque 710 as a way to avoid the ‘problem’ of friendly vs. competitive play. But as was immediately pointed out, why can’t ‘competitive’ games be ‘friendly’? In my experience, 99% of competitive games are played in a ”friendly but competitive” spirit. The only problems I’ve ever come across are invariably with ‘social’ players who aren’t terribly au fait with the rules and will argue when they are in the wrong or don’t really know what the correct rule is. When both teams have a good knowledge and understanding of the rules, disputes are rare.

I think the most interesting point to come out of the disucssion is the idea that, if you want to learn, then you need the score to provide focus and motivation. Otherwise, as above, you can simply throw your boules anywhere, it really doesn’t matter.

So if somebody says, ”It’s only a game,”  the answer is, ”Then why bother to keep score?”

Allez-y – que le meilleur gagne!

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One Response to What’s the Score?

  1. Dave Smith says:

    When I played on club days, it didn’t matter to me whether we kept score of not as nothing was recorded. It is only in competitions that scoring will make a difference to the type of shot I play next.

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